School is back in session, the local swimming holes are all preparing to close for the season, and we’ve enjoyed a foretaste of weather to come. It’s been cool with lower humidity the last few days here. The A/C has been switched off and the windows opened wide though higher temps will return in a few days, summer never surrenders easily.

The lower HF bands are beginning to act like they so often do around the equinox. I’ve spent more time on 80 meters the last two weeks than I had all year. Australia, Alaska, the Falkland Islands to name just a few of the places where I’ve been disturbing the aether on 80 meters just this week.

I finally worked someone in Cyprus who makes use of LoTW. I’ve worked 23 stations in Cyprus since I resumed logging yet have never received a single confirmation until just this week. At #289 on the most wanted list it shouldn’t have been so difficult but I’m happy to finally have it.

I made reservations at the Crowne Plaza for Dayton next year. I have no plans to visit Xenia this time around, but I do plan to attend Contest University and several other events typically held around Dayton during Hamvention 2019.

More to follow in a few days…