My LoTW confirmations finally reached fifty-percent of total uploads. I would never have lived long enough to get to this point if it wasn’t for the 2,000 FT8 contacts made over the last year. Confirmations for digital work has been better than 90 percent. On the other hand, fewer than one in three CW contacts made here have been confirmed via LoTW.

I’m not surprised that FT8 remains the most popular HF mode but I am scratching my head over this thing called FT8 Call, a new derivative work based on WSJT-X but with the ability to chat.

I don’t get it because best I can tell, the brag tape type macros are what soured users on PSK31 and this seems an effort to recreate that boredom - at a slower pace.

There may be some misunderstanding here, let me help.

Most hams aren’t interested in using the HF bands for rag-chewing. FT8 didn’t become the most popular mode by delivering magically delicious loquaciousness via a keyboard. Contesting and DXing didn’t become the two most favored activities in our hobby by opening some magical portal to garrulous on-the-air exchanges.

That doesn’t mean that you and I have to prefer the barrage of staccato fire contacts over casual conversation, but it does mean we’re most assuredly in the minority, and that’s okay. We get to watch the rest of the fraternity work themselves into a frazzle deploying systems that make the rapid exchange of meaningless data seem like a worthwhile activity.

Besides, it gives us something to talk about - other than the weather.