When Dave Sumner, K1ZZ left his post as CEO of the ARRL I wrote that his shoes would be nearly impossible to fill. But I couldn’t have known the position would be like a revolving door. Makes me wonder how long the newly elected CEO, Howard E. Michel, WB2ITX will stick around.

This fellow isn’t yet a known quantity among active radio enthusiasts. He doesn’t show up in contest results, doesn’t appear in LoTW, and there’s nothing to glean from his blank page QRZ bio.

That’s probably because he’s been a successful executive at large corporations which might leave him with very little hobby time. Besides, there’s no reason to believe that being a hyperactive radio operator would make someone a better corporate leader of the League.

The job search for highly motivated and successful executives to lead a niche “hobby” organization like the ARRL frequently ends with someone who has already completed one career. It’s a great way to infuse a lifetime of talent into the organization without paying typical corporate CEO wages.

But that means the tenure on top will likely be short, creating a constant churn in upper management. It also means that while the ARRL gives a lot of lip-service to the notion of infusing the hobby with youth and desperately seeking younger members, it continues to pad the boardroom with senior citizens.