Happy Labor Day. The traditional end of summer. The closing of the pools, return to school, and a major milestone on the road to concluding another year. The heat persists here but the change in the leaves is already noticeable and it won’t be long before we can sleep with the windows open again. I can’t wait.

This long weekend has been radio-less. The new Amazon Prime series ‘Jack Ryan’ dropped its first season on Friday and my wife and I watched all eight episodes in two extended settings. We enjoyed it, and yes, it lived up to all the hype.

Since we were already in the mood to relax and watch television, we also caught up on a few more episodes from another Prime series so it’s been a lazy, enjoyable weekend (so far) which is the way it should be celebrated.

Today I’m going to have to mow the lawn in 90F heat but I’ll be thinking about the cooler weather that’s bound to be on the way soon. This evening I’ll toss something on the grill and we’ll enjoy one more quiet evening before returning to the regular grind tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.