I’ve resumed working and now endure a twice daily hour-long commute. This has me thinking about a mobile setup to make some hobby use of my time captured in a vehicle, but HF is off the table for now. I get plenty enough time listening to crummy band conditions and noise in the shack and have no need to replicate that in an automobile.

It will be VHF/UHF and I’m keen on having FM and at least one digital option. I have handheld transceivers for D-STAR and DMR but I’d like to install something permanently in the vehicle and am thinking the ID-5100 though I haven’t ordered anything yet.

It’s actually been a long time since I last installed a mobile radio in my car, probably the mid-1990’s, and a lot has changed, especially with regard to the digital options.

I might be kidding myself, but I think it will be good to become reacquainted with the local repeaters and operators again. I haven’t been on a local repeater in years and feel that I have isolated myself by only participating in the hobby via the HF bands.

Besides, streaming music and podcasts are really getting old and hopefully this will help melt a few of the hours spent on the road each week.