One day last week I asked why there were no podcasts specifically about amateur radio satellites. It’s a relatively mature facet of our hobby, and one that has recently been growing quickly for many reasons. Chasing satellites isn’t beyond the reach of any licensee willing to spend a few hours learning how it’s done, still, it’s far enough outside the norm that I think it warrants a regularly produced program.

It seems to me that AMSAT would want to launch something like that - similar to the ARRL’s very popular ‘The Doctor is In’ podcast.

Someone did remind me that the Houston AMSAT Net is recorded each week and made available as a podcast. I used to listen regularly and checked into the net often via IRC. I believe the net was launched in the days before having home Internet was common and the format included reading the weekly AMSAT news bulletins.

Oddly enough, that format hasn’t changed over the intervening years.

I listened to a recording of the latest net last week and after a surprisingly large number of check-ins, the moderator began at the top of the latest news bulletin and worked his way through the list. At the end of the net, there were a few SSTV transmissions which weren’t useful to me listening in my automobile as I drove home from work.

I think this net remains useful given that questions can be asked and answered in real time, however, this wasn’t what I had in mind when I asked why there were no podcasts covering amateur radio in space.

Some blend of history, science, updated news, best methods for working specific satellites and frequent interviews with AMSAT engineering and other staff who could explain in greater detail the status of current projects as well as the planned path to keep ham radio in space.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a program like that?