Writing about the newer digital modes, Larry, W2LJ said: “I’ll just keep going with “Ol’ Reliable” and will continuously ride “Westward, Ho!”, right into the old dinosaur sunset”. I share his sentiment. I’d like to be that radio enthusiast who embraces every new thing that comes down the pike, but truth is I have a passion for one facet of the hobby that comes from somewhere back in our long ago.

Noted Daily DX publisher and “How’s DX?” QST columnist Bernie McClenny, W3UR is the guest on Episode 214 of the QSO Today Amateur Radio Podcast hosted by Eric Guth, 4Z1UG.

The Leaf Peepers QRP contest is perfect for low-powered radio enthusiasts who want to peep out their signal to be heard by other peepers. If you decide to set up outdoors in the midst of Mother Nature’s once-a-year eye-candy show, your eyes will be rewarded as well as your ears.

Did you know the ARRL offers up a free article from each monthly edition of QST magazine? Get in the Halloween spirit with Allison McLellan’s article “The Ghost in the Machine” about the use of ham radio in paranormal and extraterrestrial activity — the free article of the month for the upcoming October issue of QST.