I haven’t been on the air for a few weeks. Things got busy around here as the end of the summer neared, but more than that, the bands have been pretty lousy churned by a few solar storms and the general malaise that comes at this point in the solar cycle.

Not that I regularly keep up with space weather forecasting but I do keep up with my Twitter feed and when I read about how bad conditions are on a given day I tend to take it as gospel and skip even trying. I know better than that but it happens. That’s my excuse anyway…

So this evening I broke the drought with an hour on 80, 40, and 30 meters making fifty contacts via FT8. I saw a few European and South American stations in the display but signals were weak and with one exception, I only called North American stations.

And as usual, the miracle digital mode delivered enough activity to make me feel like I was getting back in the routine. I’ll spend the rest of the week chasing new SKCC numbers via CW as I resume my quest for Senator level by disturbing a tiny corner of the aether.