Somebody get the Aloe vera, ham radio just got burned:

“Like many technologies from an earlier era, ham radio is largely made up of older men trying to come up with ways to make it appealing to a younger demographic that isn’t that interested”.

This really stings because it isn’t wrong. It’s not a lie. Best I can tell radio enthusiasts have been wringing their hands about getting younger people interested and involved in our hobby for at least half a century.

Of course we have some young people in our ranks, but when you see them celebrated with photos in QST and being showered with awards and prizes, just because they are young and interested in radio, that only serves to amplify just how rare they truly are.

It seems to me that our fraternity includes a lot of very smart people. Engineers, scientists, and various other professionals from every walk of life. If the solution to this lack of youth problem isn’t apparent to anyone by now, perhaps a solution doesn’t exist?