FlexRadio has been speeding the evolution of amateur radio since its inception. The company has crafted a collection of amateur radio equipment that brings into focus new technology, high-performance, and clear direction for all the SDR’s that will follow in its wake.

I was impressed after reading A Review of the Flex 6600M Software Defined Radio by Paul Staupe WØAD. His article appears in the September 2018 edition of The Gray Line Report newsletter and is an excellent summary and detailed description of how he has integrated the new FlexRadio into his own operating environment.

“The sheer amount of data that’s decoded by the SCU is incredible. An Intel i7 hex core processor is capable of decoding between 4-8 gigaflops, (a gigaflop is a unit of computing power equivalent to 1 billion floating point operations per second). The specialized SCU in the Flex is capable of decoding 121 gigaflops per second or about 20 times the speed of the most expensive PC.”

It’s a fascinating look at the results of this technology that will be worth the time to read it for anyone with an interest in this new digital world of HF communications.