Finally, another long, hot, summer is drawing to a close. I used to enjoy the season until a decade or so ago when things heated up and “record breaking temperatures” year after year became the norm. Good riddance to that and now on to a refreshing Autumn.

The Peanut Power QRP Sprint is right around the corner on October 7th. Sponsored by the North Georgia QRP Club, the goal is to work as many Peanut Power numbers as possible on 80, 40, and 20 meters. Get your Peanut number now (details in the link above) and you’ll be smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy!

The 4SQRP group has been kitting the 20 meter version of the HillTopper, designed by Dave Benson, K1SWL. Apparently some parts issues has the portable transceiver kit out of stock at the moment but they recently posted that the problem will soon be solved and once they are rolling again, they expect to also offer a 40 meter version.

I had all but forgotten about the International Grid Chase. Seems the only way to significantly advance in that game is to run FT8 for as many hours of each day as humanly possible. That’s mostly due to the fact that you need LoTW confirmation and the digital operators are far more likely to quickly confirm your contact using that method.

So I took a peek at the leader board and found that I’m ranked 8080 in the world, right there in the meaty part of the “don’t give a crap” curve. According to my own logbook, I’ve made just over 1,000 contacts in 2018 but only about half of those have confirmed via LoTW – so my score drags.

Maybe I would be 7070 if everyone used LoTW? :-)