Saturday was the first day of autumn and right on cue, the sweltering heat gave way to much cooler air. The entire weekend weather has been delightful and the ten-day forecast looks to be more of the same.

The kids and grandkids were all here over the weekend to celebrate a birthday and it was certainly nice to have them all together in one place. That’s becoming more difficult with each passing holiday or special event so these are moments to savor.

Radio was on the back-burner until everyone left on Sunday afternoon when I did manage a few on air moments. Earlier I had read on QRP-L that frequent park activator N2CX would be active, but I had no luck finding him. Band conditions seemed sub-optimal though there were a few stations scattered here and there.

I used the KX3 since I chase SOTA/POTA using five watts. I’ve been a low-power enthusiast for a long time and have found the QRP lifestyle adds a lot to to my enjoyment of the hobby. Much more about this as the week progresses.

Tuning in the vicinity of 14.060 while looking for Joe, I heard a weak CQ from John, N0TA who was operating from some summit (W5N/SG-009) in New Mexico.

One call and he was in the log. I’m always amazed that anything I can hear with the KX3, I can work. It’s like magic in a box.