Most of the weekend was spent working on house projects and catching up on yardwork but that still left a little time for radio. It was a QRP weekend as I used the KX3 and its internal batteries to add a lucky thirteen contacts to the log.

One of those was when I worked Joe, N2CX who was operating portable from some park in Maryland - I think. I haven’t looked it up yet. Joe has been operating frequently from the field up and down the east coast. I’ve worked him at least a half-dozen times and it always feels like a conquest since he announces his planned operations and I know he’s out there, somewhere, just waiting to be found.

Then on Saturday evening I was trolling 40 meters when I heard a mystery call sign down around 7020 calling CQ. 6D50I sounded exotic and I worked him, but it turned out to be a fellow in Mexico using a special call sign and not some rare DX.

The other eleven stations logged were all playing in the Texas QSO Party. By the time these were logged the batteries were starting to give up the ghost in the KX3 so I pulled the big switch.

The kids came over for Sunday dinner then we all watched football for a few hours and relaxed. Nice weekend, great weather, got a lot accomplished. No regrets but now back to work for another week. Sometimes it seems it never ends - but who would want that?