I dropped a link to the book, Radioman: An Eyewitness Account of Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific back in August with only a brief overview. I bought this book assuming there would be some frequent references to military radio operation during the war but there were not.

In the end that didn’t really matter as it was very enjoyable reading.

My father is a WWII Navy veteran and I gave him the book after I read it and he barely put it down before finishing it.

He told me how accurate it was with his own recollection of that period and military service and it stirred a lot of deep memories for him. With a hearty endorsement like that, I thought I’d mention it one more time.

RADIOMAN is the biography of Ray Daves, a noncommissioned officer in the U.S. Navy and an eyewitness to World War II. It is based on the author’s handwritten notes from a series of interviews that began on the eighty-second birthday of the combat veteran and gives a first-person account of the world’s first battles between aircraft carriers.