My ISS APRS attempt tonight was a rainout.

Since we’re traveling to Winnipeg on Sunday one of items on my checklist this week was to see if I needed a roaming plan. We’re ATT customers and I was told that I would have to pay ten bucks a day, per phone, for service in Canada.

An alternative was to modify our service to an “unlimited” level of service which would only amount to ten dollars more a month than I was already paying. The idea was to upgrade to the service for one month, then fallback to my previous plan thereby paying ten bucks for all the service we wanted in Canada and this option seemed like a no-brainer.

Until a friend mentioned that the ATT unlimited service does not include tethering. And sure enough, my iOS option to tether was missing once my plan changed. Not sure that’s a great loss as I only ever used tethering for my DMR hotspot and that ship has sailed for me.

Not being constrained by a data limit makes things a little happier since I can endlessly stream music and videos on my mobile devices without concern for generating unexpected charges. I’m beginning to think I’ll keep this unlimited service and add one of the new cellular iPad Pro’s when we get back from our trip.

I use iOS for almost everything now and it’s beginning to feel like an inflection point has been reached in my computing life.

Going to put the journal on hold for the next week or two. 73 es see you again on the “other” side.