We got home from our trip to Winnipeg on Friday. Had a great time there but Friday was a long travel day that started at 3am. Getting to the airport two hours early for a 6am flight really hurts so I had nothing left in the tank for the Zombie Shuffle later that evening and I hate that I missed it. I think it took place a week earlier than usual this year for some reason.

Having been away for a few days there were plenty of leaves and fallen branches to clean up along with the usual chores so there wasn’t much time for radio this weekend though I did work a small handful of stations in the New York QSO Party.

Eleven to be exact covering nine unique counties. All on 40 meters SSB at 100 watts for a whopping total of ninety-nine points. I even submitted a log this time because organizers provided a method to manually enter each contact. Having only eleven contacts made that easy, had I been more prolific I wouldn’t have gone to that trouble.

That brought my annual total of SSB contacts to thirteen. I guess I’m not much of a phone operator.