The 4SQRP group announced the Hilltopper 40 transceiver kit over the weekend and I snapped one up. It should arrive on Thursday and will go into the Winter build queue along with the 20 meter version of the same kit that I picked up during OzarkCon way back in April. I’ve been a Dave Benson (K1SWL) and Small Wonders Lab (SK) fan since its earliest days and I look forward to turning back time to my early QRP kit days while assembling these gems that were designed by Dave and kitted by the 4SQRP group.

The Elecraft AX-1 portable antenna arrived yesterday. I had ordered it along with all the accessories, including the tripod adapter and whip bipod. I opened the bag, took a quick look, and set it aside. I look forward to trying it out on some portable adventure though nothing is planned now. I might just take the KX3 with the new whip antenna out to the patio the next time 20 meters is open and see if it works.

And therein lies the root of my clutter problem - as quickly as I toss gear out the back door more stuff arrives via the front! Reducing the clutter has been an ongoing effort and I have made some headway. I hope to unload the IC-7300 along with its power supply, external speaker, and AH-4 external auto-tuner at the Ft. Wayne hamfest next month. After that, I’ll be down to just the KX3 station and a small collection of QRP transceivers tucked into a cabinet in the shack.

My shack is tiny (10 feet x 8 feet) but it’s at the center of my radio universe and needs to be properly outfitted.