Now seems as good a time as any to explain what I’m doing here. I’ve been a ham radio blogger since 2002 and this current form is what has evolved over that long span of time. Blogging pretty much died around 2010 and those of us who continue to spew words blindly into the network just never got that message.

I maintain this site because I want to be able to share whatever I like without a dependency on another system. For instance, Google has a nasty habit of killing off its popular services and I’ve no confidence that a site built on its Blogger platform will be around next year.

Same goes for WordPress and other similar services.

For a while I thought we would all eventually migrate to Facebook or Google Plus. But that hasn’t turned out very well given the nefariousness of Facebook and Google+ never gained any traction. I’m not really a fan of social media anymore, I think it’s over, so I deleted my Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus accounts this year.

I’m still on Twitter but I’ll probably delete it soon too.

So, this will be the only public spot that remains for my ruminations about amateur radio, personal technology, and growing old on a dying planet. And I don’t consider this a blog, it’s a journal. A record of my recent adventures shared with voyeurs who enjoy such things. It isn’t a front for a business and I’m not trying to sell you anything - I don’t need a donation. I’m not harvesting your information and I won’t even let you comment here.

This is my site, go get your own if you care to opine.

Lately I’ve been publishing five posts a week, Monday thru Friday and expect that to continue though that’s not set in stone. I’ve taken some weeks and days off and I suppose this could easily become a weekly or monthly publication. Because it’s a journal I don’t title each post with anything other than the date.

It’s mostly just plain text, if you don’t like reading, if you prefer lots of photos and video you won’t like it here.

There are nearly 400 posts in the archive as of today but only the most recent thirty make it to the front page before scrolling off. You can find older posts via the search page but given the nature of the content, I doubt there would be interest in anything older.

I provide a full RSS feed that includes the last ten posts, so you never have to visit here, the content will come to you if you know what you’re doing. You can link to an individual post by clicking on its title (the top day/date line) which will expose the individual post and its permalink URL will be revealed in your browser address window.

Who knows, perhaps you will find something worth reading here?