I completely ignored the CQ WW DX SSB contest this weekend. Band conditions could have been good or bad, I never even checked to see.

My PiRLP node (4212) has been dead since April and I’m only now thinking about repairing it. Looks like the SSD became corrupted meaning a fresh install from scratch. I’ll get around to it one of these days but in the meantime I don’t think I’m missing anything, am I?

I (early) voted on Saturday because I expect to be out of town on election day. I’m hopeful for a tidal wave of change but I think the system is rigged and may no longer be workable or even fixable. Read The rigging of American politics and tell me why I shouldn’t be so pessimistic.

The MTR3b_LCD Mountain Topper portable transceiver is now available. It’s the same Mountain Topper MTR3b with new additional features. Steve, WG0AT thinks it’s the goat-berries for SOTA work - that’s a solid recommendation.