The 4SQRP Group continues to make available interesting kits for the amateur radio community. One example, the NM0S Murania for instance, is a simple transistor radio kit (broadcast) that’s easy enough to be a perfect “first kit” project for builders of all ages.

Meanwhile the 40 and 20 meter versions of the K1SWL Hilltopper are high-performance CW transceiver kits, a great solution for portable operation - small, lightweight, and low current drain. A custom silk-screened PCB enclosure is included with the kit and no drilling or cutting is required.

The large user community means support is just an email away and 4SQRP supports these kits as evidenced by this recent note to buyers:

“It had been brought to my attention that we have shipped a Normally Closed switch with with the latest shipment of Hilltoper 20 and 40. We are currently reordering the correct switch, and will be shipping them to the recent buyers of these kits. Sorry for the inconvenience”.

Mistakes happen. Volunteers assemble, package, and mail the kits. But that sort of candid honesty and online support are why I always look forward to whatever kit the group comes up with next.