I published a weekly ham radio letter a few years ago. That was an enjoyable and interesting medium for writing. But work related projects got in the way and after just fifteen months I closed the curtain on that project.

Being a few steps closer to retirement my work schedule has become much more predictable and I’ve been thinking about bringing the weekly letter back for another run. But then I discovered that the service I used to manage the letter has been absorbed by another company and that simple and inexpensive service is no longer available.

After some digging I found a replacement service that looks promising. I’ve got more work to do before re-launching but I think the first letter will begin hitting inboxes next week.

If things go well I’ll announce how to subscribe to the letter in a post here on Friday. I never charged for the letter and don’t plan to do that this time around either. It’s just another low-key publishing project that provides another unique outlet for sharing the gospel of amateur radio.