Having just cleared the front yard of 14 huge bags of leaves I can confirm that it’s officially “Fall” in Central Indiana. I came home today from a short out of town trip to find that the two really big maples in the front yard had turned loose and the leaves were a foot deep. It’s good now but this was only the first big batch of several more to come.

While out in the yard I kept looking up at the old center-fed zepp. I’m planning to take it down soon. I’m finished with HF activity from the house and need to make room for several planned VHF and UHF antennas - something I should have done months ago.

The newly configured SD card for my non-working IRLP node arrived while I was out of town. I’ve already cloned it and put the clone away for safe keeping but won’t get around to getting the node back up and running until the weekend.

Rain is moving in here overnight and could turn to snow tomorrow morning. Little is expected but if it turns into a messy weekend then I’m just going to goof off and catch-up on all the AMSAT videos from the Symposium.