I managed to get my IRLP node back up and running this weekend. Other than some minor configuration issues the only real challenge was forwarding some ports on a router that was new since the last time the node was online.

The new router was provided by Xfinity when we recently upgraded our service. Port forwarding is considered an “advanced” task, especially since the target device was a Raspberry Pi. But once I found the information it was as simple as logging onto an Xfinity Web site and making a few changes.

Despite having digital capabilities with DMR and D-STAR available to me, I’ve missed the old IRLP network where I’ve maintained a node since 2003.

Now I need to figure out where and when some of the old nets are meeting so I can try to catch-up with friends - I’ve been away since the node crashed back in April of this year.

Drop in sometime and let’s chat. 4212 is enabled whenever I’m home to monitor it - so weekday evenings would be best or send me an email and let’s set something up.