Elecraft looking to add to our tech support team

We have a new local Ham Radio Job opportunity at Elecraft HQ in Watsonville, CA! (On the coast just west, over the mountains, from Silicon Valley).

This group answers customer pre-sales, technical support, product setup, usage and troubleshooting questions on our high performance K-Line, KX-Line and legacy lines of HF/VHF Ham Radios, Panadapters, Auto-Tuners, Solid State Linear Amplifiers (100, 500 and 1500+W) and accessories. (These inquiries can be via telephone, email and also occasional customer visits to our HQ.)

There is no need for a detailed understanding of all our products up front. We’ll bring you up to speed on selected products quickly and allow you to expand your knowledge over time. :-) Feel free to ask for more details if needed.