Tonight is the monthly NAQCC Sprint and I hope to jump into the fray using my KX3. This will mark my return to using low-power exclusively as I have boxed up the 7300 for sale and the only HF gear remaining in the shack now is of the QRP variety. Things have come full-circle in this regard as the year began for me with only QRP gear available and it will end the same way.

It’s time for a return to my QRP roots. Having shed a boatload of equipment these past few months, the shack is finally beginning to take on the look of a minimalist hobby space. Can’t explain it, but I’m craving simple things these days.

It’s probably just the mental exhaustion that comes from the overload of technology on our lives. I have little control over that without adopting a hermit’s lifestyle, but I can prevent it from permeating my hobby time. Especially when “simple” aligns with my goals for amateur radio.

If yours is to become a big-league contester or to climb to the top of the Honor Roll then God bless you. Climb in and hang on because you’re going to need every tech bell and whistle available to achieve your goals. My goal is less ambitious. I want to make a few CW contacts in the evenings using a battery-powered station while sipping a beer. I don’t care where they are located, I just hope they’re friendly.

As for the myriad of other things that tend to distract me, I just don’t care anymore.

I don’t care if the ARRL censures its own Board Members for real or perceived grievances. I don’t care if amateur radio attracts more youth. I don’t care if there’s another DXpedition to Bouvet Island or anywhere else for that matter. I don’t care if some think that ‘Makers’ will save the hobby. I don’t care if the next solar cycle is better for us than the last two. I don’t care if most amateur licensees pretend that VoIP is ham radio. I don’t care if FT8 is the most popular ham radio mode…

I just need a small cadre of CW enthusiasts to continue responding to the signals from my peanut whistle station for another twenty years. If somehow those fail to materialize, I’ve had a good run and will move on to some other hobby.