The kids all left on Saturday afternoon after we had visited a local Christmas tree farm where everyone brought home fresh cut trees. By Sunday morning the house was quiet as a chapel and I got to spend a little time hanging out on 30 meters where I worked a smattering of stations.

I enjoyed a very nice QSO with KD1RT out in Western Massachusetts (671 miles). Roy was using an IC-703 running ten watts into a vertical wire antenna. He was light but very copyable thanks to the absence of any QRM. 

Still, I find weak signal work like this much improved using the APF function on the KX3. The Audio Peaking Filter turns on a very narrow filter that improves copy of a very weak CW signal buried in the noise. With it switched on, reception was solid copy.

I thought Roy’s call seemed familiar, but I was paper logging and didn’t check into at the time. Later, when I was transferring the info to my computer log, I saw that we had worked just last month in the SKCC WES but we were both using paddles for this QSO.

The number of stations being added weekly to my log has dropped off lately as I’ve been more interested in making contact rather than “contacts” and I’ve really enjoyed the casual conversation so much more. I look forward to at least a few good nights in the shack this coming week.