On the air conversations almost always include the local weather report. It was a lot more useful in the days before the Internet, but I continue to appreciate it for its true value, as QSO lubricant. No matter where I’ve traveled I can always sit down around a bunch of old fellows and make an off-the-cuff comment about the weather that will turn into a conversation.

And as it turns out, the weather hasn’t been kind to us in East Central Indiana this autumn. I’m one of the few who enjoys colder weather and I especially enjoy snow, so I always look forward to Fall and Winter.

While the temperatures have dropped as expected this season, it’s been too wet to enjoy. 35F and sunny is a special treat but 35F with rain is just cold and nasty.

Living on a wooded lot we’ve had difficulty getting ahead of picking up the fallen leaves. Wet, soggy leaves are almost as miserable to deal with as standing in a cold rain to pick them up. On top of that, we haven’t been able to enjoy even a single fire in the backyard since the first week of October because everything is just too wet.

The changing climate has made living in this region less enjoyable for me. We haven’t had Spring here in about a decade. We now transition from Winter to Summer almost overnight. In March of this year it was 28F one day and 84F the next and we moved directly into hot and muggy weather from that point until October this year.

Enjoying a few weeks without the need for heating or air conditioning with the windows opened wide is becoming a distant memory.

Given that we expect to move one more time in our lives, our conversations about that now include the weather. I’d really like to live somewhere that still enjoys four seasons - even if the summer is shorter and the winter longer. The only problem is that our family all resides in this general region which is what has kept us here all along.

Keeping a home here and getting another much farther north to live in part of the year is one solution though I don’t relish the idea of upkeep on two homes as we transition into our golden years. Maybe a condo here and a cabin somewhere up north. It’s certainly something to think about because the weather almost certainly won’t go back to the way it used to be here.

See, an entire journal entry based on nothing but the weather. I told you it was lubricant for long conversations…