The first of the month snuck up on me and I’m just now completing the logging chores for November. I’ve submitted my SKCC Brag result, though it was certainly nothing to brag about. While I have no targeted monthly goals for radio activity, November was far below normal, whatever that might be. I expect to be more active in December…

I do plan to participate in the upcoming SKCC WES and intend to hang around long enough to make a reasonable show of it. I always enjoy the event but too often don’t plan for it and then other things come along that compete for that time. I usually only get an hour or so near the end but this time I’m setting aside more time for it.

There’s a little more urgency now because I’m getting close enough to the final run for Senator level that a good showing in the WES will move things along nicely. In addition, January brings the annual K3Y event which brings more operators into the fray improving my chances for making “S” in the next 60 days.

And there’s one more SKCC note to share. The December Rag Chew newsletter is available and ready for download. It’s another jam-packed edition that’s as nice a ham radio club letter as you’re likely to find anywhere online.