Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is my final day of work until after Christmas. Three more days in the salt mines next week and then another four-day weekend. After that, a New Year will be upon us. But before we slip into 2019 there are a few chores that need to be completed, the usual year-end stuff.

Like renewing my GQRP membership to keep SPRAT coming. It’s also time to renew my QRP-ARCI membership. Plus, I need to get a new batch of envelopes off to the SKCC QSL bureau because the annual K3Y event kicks off in just over a week.

I also like to compile a year-end report just to see where I’ve been and to get some idea of where I’m going. Plus a brief look at highlights (and sometimes low-lights) from the past year along with a couple of ham radio predictions for the coming New Year.

Throw in the holiday festivities and this becomes a busy race to the finish line. I’m making a list and checking it twice so all of this gets completed and I can be found in the shack taking part in Straight Key Night while ringing in the New Year.