One of the year-end chores completed this week was the renewal of my G-QRP Club membership. Despite the organization being based “across the pond” I value the quarterly publication SPRAT, the printed club journal. In fact, the Winter 2018/19 edition just arrived via postal mail yesterday and it was another stellar issue.

A couple of things mentioned by Steve, G0FUW in his editorial this time are worth repeating.

First, he commented on the significantly decreased level of interest in club awards and wonders why that might be, while pointing out that the same thing was observed and discussed in a recent edition of QRP Quarterly.

Perhaps the total number of low-power enthusiasts are dwindling, or maybe these wicked awful band conditions are causing many to lose interest in operating?

His other notable comment hit me like a ton of bricks. He said that G-QRP founder George Dobbs, G3RJV had taken a nasty fall a while back and was currently convalescing in a care home. Then he continued, “he is, sadly, also suffering from dementia”. His absence in the community has been obvious, but I assumed his age might just be catching up to him. I had no inkling he was dealing with dementia and am deeply saddened to learn of it.

I remember the Reverend Dobbs well from his many visits to the Four Days in May event in Dayton where he was always a valued speaker and noted author of many conference papers. His tenacious emphasis on the elegance of simplicity distinguished him in a hobby that celebrates the cutting edge of technology despite most not understanding it.