I came home from work a little early last night and had decided to make a short journal entry about how poor band conditions had been the night before. I had spent about 30 minutes trying to add at least a few K3Y stations but there was nothing to be had, not even on 80 meters.

I heard a couple of weak stations calling, but they didn’t hear me. It was a complete shutout and the first time in a long time that I couldn’t even work a neighbor. Play sad trombone sound here.

But before I got around to writing that journal entry, I took a look around and what a difference 16 hours had made. Parked on 7.056 MHz was a tremendous signal that turned out to be Bert, F6HKA. It was easily the strongest European signal I’ve ever copied. I waited my turn and worked him which covered me for K3Y-EU.

F6HKA has always been a beacon from across the pond. According to my log, last night was our 20th contact and Bert is one of the top CW operators in the world. Still, given the silence of the previous evening, I was gobsmacked to copy him pounding in here like that on 40 meters.

As the evening wore on I worked a couple more K3Y stations and even managed a nice ragchew with K3RNC in Maryland. It was a complete turnaround from Thursday night and now I’m glad I held off making the sad journal entry that had been cooking in my head all day at the office.