The big news here continues to be the weather where the forecast models now show even more snow than was originally predicted. It’s gone from 2-4 inches to 3-5 inches and the latest that suggests some areas around here may get more than six inches of the white stuff.

That timing works out well given that this weekend in the NAQP CW Contest. If we are “snowed in” then I plan to put four hours in that event using the KX3 at five watts. No telling how that will turn out but it’s another “just for fun” event for me.

Also, this weekend is an SKCC Weekend Sprint (WES) which is smack in the middle of the K3Y so there could be all kinds of Morse madness at work if the bands cooperate even a little. I’ll play in the WES for a few hours unless things are completely dead. I can always use a few more numbers in pursuit of an “S” even though these won’t count toward the January brag total.

If the bottom completely falls out of HF I’ll be in the backyard, in the snow, pointing my satellite antenna towards the heavens trying to re-ignite my chase for the satellites. I’ve been mostly dormant with regards to this facet of the hobby lately and need to focus more on this quest.

Have a great weekend!