The weekend weather played out exactly as predicted. One of those rare times the weather forecast was spot on. We got six inches of snow on Saturday and the temperatures hung right around 27F. It took me an hour or so to dig the cars out and clear the driveway on Sunday morning.

What didn’t go as planned was the radio activity. I intended to spend several hours in the NAQP CW contest but when face-to-face with it, I declined to jump in. The bands weren’t too bad, I just didn’t feel like going thru the motions simply to pad the log.

One granddaughter stayed with us on Friday and another spent Saturday night, so we were busy and well entertained. Even so, I managed a little time in the SKCC WES and added a couple more K3Y band slots. In all I think I logged just 13-14 contacts this weekend. Not the level of productivity imagined but that’s okay, life doesn’t run per a script and I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Here we are less than halfway thru January and I’m done with the K3Y event. I enjoy this annual challenge and usually work it to the very end but there isn’t much chance I’m going to work the DX regions I still need and all I’m doing at this point is loading the domestic band slots.

I’m more intent on achieving Tx7 but seem to be stuck at 340 unique contacts. 350 is required for that level and try as I might, I haven’t been able to find 10 more T’s and S’s that I haven’t already worked. To be fair my approach has been terribly casual. I just work everyone I hear calling and see where the numbers shake out. And best I can tell, that turns out to be 340…

The extended weather forecast now shows another big snowstorm set to arrive here this coming Saturday. 8-12 inches more snow with this one. They were right last weekend, it will be interesting to see how they do with this one.

That much snow would be a doozy.