I drove 440 miles yesterday in snow squalls, rain, and ice. That made the roundtrip a couple hours longer than it should have been. I had more than enough time to catch up on the queue of podcasts I had stacked up, and even finished the last few hours of one audio book.

Most of my podcast backlog was of the ham radio variety. There are plenty of ham radio related podcasts to choose from, and nearly all of them have good production quality. Some are interesting, others not so much. But I’m still left to wonder - where are the facet specific programs?

There are no DX specific programs. There are no programs for radiosport enthusiasts. None for digital or packet enthusiasts. There are no specific programs for emergency responders, paper chasers, county hunters, ragchewers, QRPers, CW enthusiasts, antenna experimenters, weak signal operators or even satellite hunters.

This seems odd to me given that any of the segments of the hobby mentioned are hugely popular with potential audiences of thousands or even tens of thousands listeners.

Instead, there are about a dozen general discussion programs. It’s as though the only people willing to produce a podcast aren’t experts at anything in particular, but who prefer to cover general news, the occasional rumor, and stories about how “Bob” got started in ham radio.

Ours is a technical hobby and many of its facets come with some degree of difficulty. Having a subject matter expert pontificate on how to get started with amateur satellites, how to setup an EME station, or how to bust a pile-up would surely be appreciated.

Don’t you think?