It’s the end of January and the annual SKCC K3Y event has drawn to a close. I ended up with 24 of 140 band slots worked and confirmed. That might sound a little skinny, but it resulted in a US Sweep (K3Y/1, K3Y/2, K3Y/3, K3Y/4, K3Y/5, K3Y/6, K3Y/7, K3Y/8, K3Y/9, K3Y/0).

I also managed to work K3Y/EU, K3Y/NA, K3Y/OC, and K3Y/KH6. I figure that’s not too shabby for the bottom of the solar cycle with a hundred watts and a wire with a straight key.

The extra activity resulted in a respectable January Brag count of 39 and I did work the bonus station. I’ll have to submit those brag results tomorrow.

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