In my seemingly endless quest for SKCC Senator level, I made another half dozen straight key contacts yesterday. After updating my log, I noticed that my prefix score had risen to something over two million.

That’s not nearly as eye popping as it sounds because of the way it’s scored. It’s the sum of the SKCC numbers of unique call sign prefixes. And with nearly 20,000 members, there are millions of points available for this award that’s issued in increments of 500,000.

Last time I submitted for this award (2013) I had just over half a million points and was issued the Px1 level. My latest submission claims credit for over two million so I expect to get bumped to the Px4 level.

For a little perspective, consider that Bert, F6HKA recently obtained the Px25 level for more than 12.5 million points in this same category.

Yeah, it’s an obscure and a somewhat trivial achievement, but it’s easy enough to track since the electronic log handles the accounting. Plus, I see it as a measure of my on-air activity. And while we will never all agree on a proper description for “active” it’s one way of marking my territory in the collective of active wireless operators.