I don’t believe RTTY is used as a form of regular communication any more, it being relegated to contests and some DXpeditions.

One of my high school teachers was a RTTY enthusiast. He used to type long messages on a paper tape punch machine over his lunch hour. He would then share these messages with a friend not 25 miles away using his Model 28 TTY machine on two meters. I thought that unusual in 1976 and can’t imagine anyone still having general QSO’s via teletype in the 21st century.

This weekend is the 2019 CQ World-Wide WPX RTTY Contest and I’m thinking about jumping into the fray. I’m not a contester by any means but I do fancy the idea of dropping 50 RTTY contacts in the log and this seems a good way to accomplish that while perpetuating an antique mode of communication.

I’ll use the IC-7300 with pre-loaded messages and make it strictly a button-pushing operation. I had some success doing it this way during the Centennial QSO Party a few years back which netted me the only RTTY contacts I’ve ever made in the modern era.

Barefoot and using the dipole at thirty-feet I’ll be lucky to make 50 contacts, but it seems a reasonable goal. Maybe I’ll see you on RTTY this weekend?