I had decided to sell-off the KX3 when I had a change of heart. Been doing that a lot lately. It’s the problem with not having specific goals, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. The reason I bought it to begin with was the desire for a battery-powered station. I had a goal in mind, but it somehow managed to fall off my radar.

Since I’m keeping it I need to do some accessorizing. I’d like to have a small panel that permits me to make use of various keys without wearing out the key socket on the transceiver. I’d also like to come up with ways to make the cable routing cleaner. Having all those connections on the sides of the radio means a lot of right-angle plugs and a rat’s nest of cables so better cable management is in order.

I’ll order the matching amplifier with the auto-tuner from Elecraft. I’m a low-power enthusiast but I’m not a zealot about five watts. I generally run the KX3 at ten watts unless I’m working an actual QRP event. I have no qualms about using higher power when necessary and want it available. But the goal is to run the station from batteries and the power budget won’t be enough for full-time 100-watt operation.

Which brings me to the batteries. I’m looking for a solution that will probably include hardware from Bioenno and West Mountain Radio that will combine batteries, charger, and some safe power distribution system. I’ll sweat those details next month.