Time for another peek under the hood from G7VJR on the data he collects, sorts, and studies from the collection of Club Log users. Lots of interesting data to sift through - and this interesting summary about the continuing advance of FT8:

“I’ve studied the data in a lot of tools, because I’ve been asked if FT8 is cannibalising other modes or just increasing overall activity. I do believe that FT8 has taken activity from other modes in absolute terms. This is what I see in the data and what I hear on the bands”

  • around 270 DXCCs have been active on FT8 in 2018
  • In terms of FT8, 6.4% of Club Log expedition QSOs were FT8 last year
  • more modest stations (using FT8) are making contacts with rare DXCCs
  • In 2018, 14,200 Club Log users had uploaded at least one QSO with FT8