Membership in the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) now exceeds 20,000. It’s somewhat unique as a club in that it’s remained popular and very active, no doubt it’s many activities account for that continued popularity.

It’s once a month Weekend Sprintathon (WES) regularly churns the watering holes where its many members tend to congregate.

According to the fellow who manages the event, the March event broke the record for the most log submissions for any WES since the first one. When the dust has settled, more than 300 logs will have been received.

I’ve no doubt that Morse will eventually go away because people will forget how to use it. But I’m encouraged that doesn’t seem likely to happen during my lifetime. As improbable as it seems, small pockets of CW enthusiasts have found ways to rekindle the flames of passion and given the old mode a few more decades of much needed momentum.

Join us, life membership is free. You’ll meet plenty of like-minded telegraphers on the air, on the mailing list, or hanging out on the club sked page waiting to get acquainted with you and put you in the log.