With the days getting longer and the temperatures rising we seem well on our way to more outdoor activities for ham radio. I’ve got antenna and grounding projects planned and a goal to operate as much as possible from the field this season.

It’s also a good time to bring this journaling project to a close.

I’ve posted nearly 500 (466 to be exact) daily updates here over the last two years and that’s enough for me. The site will continue to exist but it will revert to being my home page.

I’ll resume writing articles about the hobby. Some will be available here while others will appear in club newsletters and related publications. The great value of the Web is that it never runs out of room for more content.

I hope you will consider following my Twitter account if you don’t already. In a couple months I’ll be posting updates and photos from FDIM and the Dayton Hamvention via Twitter. That’s probably the best way to contact me too.

Thanks for riding along with me on another writing project. This has been great fun and I look forward to even better days ahead!

73 de Jeff, KE9V