We arrived back home on Saturday evening after a three night holiday getaway to Michigan. Although there was no escape from the sweaty weather, it was more tolerable walking along the shore of Lake Michigan than slow-roasting at home.

The 13 Colonies Special Event had been underway all week but having been out of town I assumed I would miss it. But when we got home I spent a couple hours on the air and had ten of the colonies stations in the log by bedtime. Another hour on Sunday morning and I had worked all Thirteen Colonies on 40 meters.

After those logging chores I noticed that a few more of the POTA stations I worked a few weeks earlier had finally gotten round to uploading their logs and a new award was waiting for me. My overall chasing score isn’t impressive but I only go looking for stations when I see a spot on Twitter.

I’m still in the process of liquidating my HF equipment, though the pace has slowed a bit as I near the bottom of the pile.

Next to go will be the Elecraft KX3. I sold the PX3 last week. I originally intended to keep the KX3 and sell the IC-7300 but rapidly falling prices for a brand new 7300 has made it almost worthless in the used market. So I’ll keep it as a main station back-up and for occasional chunky portable use.