If you are running N1MM+ contest logging software, you may run into an error when the program tries to check for updates or you manually make the check. There was a change to the web site that wasn’t reflected in the initial update routine of the software. To correct the problem, go to the N1MM web site. Download and run the lastest update file. This will update your copy of N1MM+ and resolve the issue. Note, if you are running Windows XP or Vista, the N1MM+ auto update feature is not compatible with the new site. You will have to do manual updates going forward.

CQ has published the raw scores for the May WPX CW contest. These are the top ten before log checking in each category.

QRZ.com recently made available Two Factor Authentication. The feature is optional for all users except sellers in the site’s swapmeet section. The feature is mandatory for those users. To activate, log in to QRZ.com. Hover on your call in the upper right of the screen and select “Account.” Near the top center, you will find a large button with the Two Factor Authentication option. That will take you to the setup screen. It can be configured to work with your cell phone or with a code generator if you don’t have cell coverage where you normally use QRZ.