Weekend Update: Great to hear some propagation on 15 and 10 meters this weekend. I checked into a 10-10 Net in progress at 28.450 MHz though it took me several minutes to first find my own 10-10 number (72994). The log shows this was my first non digital contact on 28 MHz since 2015.

A smattering of Apollo 11 (50th Anniversary) Special Event stations were worked on Friday night and Saturday morning along with a couple more POTA stations who were braving this brutal heat wave from the field.

The NAQP RTTY contest got underway Saturday afternoon and I spent the first 1.5 hours in the chair. Once again, no software was used here. Just pre-populated memory slots in the IC-7610 which is not the best way to do RTTY contests but the NAQP doesn’t require RST or serial numbers making the exchange drop dead simple.

But that only permits me to Search & Pounce, NEXT time I’ll use software.

I took a long break after the first 90 minutes and came back to the shack about 10PM local and worked another couple hours before tossing in the towel. Though I was pleased with my results, my score was a meager 2,542 from 62 contacts and 41 mults.

See my 3830 submission for the complete breakdown.

Results from my recent contest activities continues to motivate me to get the new antennas up and complete the shack upgrades in time for the Fall contest season. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I enjoy the shot of adrenaline even if I don’t devote enough time or resources to ever become a “serious” radiosport aficionado.

But I do like competing against myself - striving for small incremental improvements with each event. Get on the air, more time in the chair…