Weekend Update: The bands weren’t in nearly as good a shape for the NAQP CW as they were for the RTTY contest a few weekends ago. When the event got underway I loitered a bit on 10 & 15 meters hoping for a repeat but while I heard a few signals in the noise, I didn’t work a soul there and wasted thirty minutes in the effort.

Things were only a little better on 20 so I didn’t spend much time there before deciding to wait on darkness and 40 meters. It was entirely a search & pounce, single-op effort, using the IC-7610 at one hundred watts with the wire antenna. Logging was done by hand.

Nuttin’ fancy here.

Once the sun went down and the stars came out, 40 started coming to life and things moved a little better. Two hours there and another hour on 80 meters and I was ready to toss in the towel and hit the rack.

My claimed score was paltry but I had a good time once things started popping a little on 40. There were a few interesting contacts. One was with Bill, N0AC who was operating mobile from Wyoming. Another was working Ward Silver, N0AX, an active contester and no real surprise except it still feels like a brush with ham radio celebrity.

It’s always enjoyable to spend a few hours in the chair and see what magic can be coaxed from the aether. It’s just a lot more effort these days, like trying to go in through the out door…