The CY9C DXpedition to St. Paul Island is humming along nicely with over 84,000 contacts in the log as of this morning. Given band conditions, that’s pretty amazing. With only a couple of days left to go, now is the time to work them if you haven’t already. And don’t forget to drop them a donation. It’s easy enough to do.

The August edition of the NAQCC newsletter is now available for download.

The FCC is seeking to hire an electronics engineer for a full-time, permanent position at the Commission’s Enforcement Bureau, Office of Field Director in Columbia, Maryland.

An updated TQSL file has been released (Aug 5th). Changed in this release in the Satellite enumeration, added entries for:

  • BO-102 — BIT Progress-OSCAR 102 (CAS-7B/BP-1B)
  • NO-103 — Navy-OSCAR 103 (BRICSAT 2)
  • NO-104 — Navy-OSCAR 104 (PSAT 2)

Club Log Weekly DX Report. Spoiler alert, 62% of all uploads were for FT8, amateur radio’s most popular mode.

An APRS amateur radio balloon, callsign NA1WJ-5, was launched from the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia and floated across the Atlantic Ocean.

Fifty years ago, Vic Jackson got into a lively debate with his boss about just how small a boat you could take to cross one of the Great Lakes. What came next is the stuff of legend. On a $5 bet, Jackson declared he could cross Lake Michigan in a bathtub…