Seems silly that I had to take my server down for more than twelve hours adding security measures because one bad actor was attempting to hijack my domain. Sorry for the interruption. - ke9v

Today is the last full day for the CY9C St. Paul Island operation. They plan to shut it down around 1300z on August 8th. I hadn’t spent much time trying to work them since I didn’t need it, but two nights ago I heard them well on 40 meters and made a few calls with no luck. Then yesterday morning I was up early, about 5am local time.

I turned the rig on, still parked at 7.025 where they had been the night before and they were calling CQ for several minutes with absolutely no takers which is hard to imagine. Got them with one call and our contact appeared a few seconds later in their Club Log.

You gotta love the instant, online, electronic logging when you can get it! Though I don’t need their paper card, I left a small donation via their Web site because I do appreciate their effort and expenses in mounting this operation.

I suppose sometimes the early bird does get the worm…