I visited Denver last week. I was booked to return home on Friday morning but a dense fog rolled over DIA delaying my departure. Not once, but three times and then they canceled the flight altogether. Many of the planes coming to Denver had to be diverted causing more headaches. With few options, and none of them good, I unexpectedly spent Friday night in Colorado (without my luggage!) and caught the first available flight back to Indiana on Saturday.

Weekend Update: Arriving home much later than expected left me with less than an hour to play in the NAQP SSB. Not much was missed since thundrstorms had been rumbling through here all day and the bands were noisy and unproductive. I managed a mere fifteen contacts and that adventure was over.

Another powerful storm crashed the area at 3am Sunday morning knocking out power for a few hours. When I awoke, power was restored and the skies were clear, but the bands were still plenty noisy. Made it tough to listen to the DX-60 Net who meet on 3880 kilocycles on Sunday mornings.

Sunday afternoon I managed to work a couple of SKCC members including Bert, F6HKA on 17 meters and John, W1TAG in Maine on both 15 and 10 meters.

Then I jumped into the Skeeter Hunt from home and running 5 watts from the KX3 and made two skeeter contacts (N0SS and N9AW) but then the thunder rolled again and I pulled the plug ending my shortened weekend of radio, after finishing all the log submissions.