Prolific ham radio blogger Rich Holoch, KY6R has set off on another quest - working 300 DX entities using just five watts. His latest project and new blog name is The Free Range QRP DXer.

Rich’s writing comes at you like an open firehose but it’s loaded with information worth sharing.

Upcoming State QSO Parties:

The August 2019 edition of SOLID COPY - The CW Operators Club Newsletter is available for free download and features an article about the Club’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration.

In a small room stacked to the ceiling with books, radio technology and eclectic interests in a house in Avon Lake, a series of dits and dahs regularly are sent out for the rest of the world to hear via ham radio. Chet Roberts (K8KIZ), owner of ANCR Sundials, has continued to pursue his radio hobby that he picked up in high school.”

Department of Defense Message Prompts Listeners to Take WWV/WWVH Survey - Through Saturday, August 24, WWV and WWVH will transmit a US Department of Defense (DOD) message in conjunction with the COMEX 19-3 interoperability exercise in Tennessee. The broadcast also urges listeners to complete a survey on WWV/WWVH listenership and listening habits.