This week has so far been a bust for me on the radio. Thunderstorms day and night have kept my feedline disconnected all week. I hope we get a break from that pattern soon but whether it happens this week or another is of little consequence. The early signs of Autumn are visible everywhere now and it will soon bring welcome relief from the heat and frequent storms.

One of the local radio hams contacted me last night to see if I had any interest in joining a new weekly 6-meter AM net. I told them I was interested and would check-in whenever it commences. I recall fondly the old 6M AM nets from days gone by and look forward to re-living those days without the TVI woes we used to “enjoy”. I mentioned it on Twitter and received many replies from those who participate in such nets. I guess reports of the death of 6-meter AM weren’t completely accurate…

I received a small handful of these very nice CW OP (lapel) pins in the mail today. Look at the QRZ listing for K8KIZ if you’re interested in ordering one or more for yourself. I have no financial interest in this product, I’m just a happy customer.

Here’s hoping the weekend brings better weather, and a little propagation!